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Comments from Brian from Denmark, looks like one happy angler.
“When I decided to go to Slovenia to fish for carp, I quickly realized that it would be hell to bring all my gear from Denmark by plane, and I started to look for alternatives.
Luckily I stumbled over the web page and I wrote to David Primožič asking if I could rent the necessary gear from him. That was definitely an option, so I decided for that.From then on I had regular correspondence with David who willingly answered all my questions regarding fishing lake Bled.When I arrived in Slovenia I met with David as agreed and he had everything ready for me: boilies, net, rods, reels, bite alarms etc. I was ready to give the carps a go. Even though I was fishing by myself, David took the time to tell me about productive spots, good areas to fish and so forth, so I felt very confident when I started fishing Sunday morning very early. He must have done it well since I had six takes in three days. Unfortunately I lost three strong carps in the snags, but I still managed to land carps at 6,5; 13,2 and 20,6 kg (new PB).I have only had good experience using David even though I only rented gear from him and did not use him as a guide: He answered all my mails and phone calls quickly, the rented gear was good quality, David provided 20 kg of freshly rolled boilies, prices are reasonable and – very important – David is a very friendly and helpful guy. I can highly recommend that you contact David if you ever decide to go to Slovenia to fish!”



Mario Jesse

Thank’s for the Perfect Guidingtour and for the best Bait.